Over 30 and looks like 21… One of the hottest Pornstars that I know!

What can I say? In some time maybe a decade ago she managed to arrest her looks, keeping them the way that they are when she was 21, because that’s exactly what it is right here, Pornstar Shyla Stylez is over 30 years of age, but she looks 10 years younger, her body is as tight as a 19-year-old, her facial features have no wrinkles, she looks perfect, she looks like a Barbie doll that’s how good she looks. It is almost if I can say this a shame that she is an adult model, this is the kind of girl that somebody would like to hang out for the rest of their lives with LOL. But that’s not how it goes, can you imagine porn without this girl, this girl is done over 100 movies so far and has performed at least 25 times in live porn videos, she has millions of fans around the world, can you imagine porn without her?

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Body Details:
Height: 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm)
Weight: 107 lbs (49 kg)
Measurements: 36DD-23-32
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown

Personal Details:
Age: 32 years OLD
Date of Birth: September 23, 1982
Astrological Sign: Libra
Birthplace: British Columbia, Canada
Ethnicity: German/Canadian
Race: Caucasian

Additional info:
Tattoos: Flower inside left wrist; Inside right wirst; Left ring finger; Small heart right bikini line; Tribal left ankle with panda bear on inside and “J’Adore Mamma” on the outside
Piercings: Tonge; Nipples; Navel
Aliases: Shyla Styles; Shyla; Amanda Auclair; Shyla Stylex
Started in 2001 at approx 19 years old

I did mention she is performing live and I also have the web address for you where you can find her being filthy in real time, and that website is one of many that belong to a very popular network and is called CherrySpot.com

We want to see her live on Cherrypimps.com again and again!

Shyla Stylez on Cherrypimps.com Has been quite a large success, if you consider that she is not yet among the top 10 porn stars inactivity, she still is extremely popular when it comes down audience that sit down and watch her live performances, in other words when she gets fucked in real time…Live!

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Some people like to say that numbers don’t count, but those are the adult models that really don’t have an audience, they are the ones that don’t have any success, they are the ones that have extremely low numbers and therefore they always say that high numbers early isn’t the case. That’s a bit like saying having millions in the bank doesn’t make you rich LOL.

Numbers do count and this very adult model when she performs in a Live Porn Video her numbers are devastating to all her colleagues, her numbers shoot up to the very top among the greatest pornstars, so something is telling me that this girl is not simply talented, that this girl is not simply hot, but this girl is actually going somewhere and she will get their real soon.

Shyla Stylez Totally Untamed Hardcore Porn

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What a fine woman she is on live webcam!

I would give a whole month’s salary to spend one night with this babe LOL, I really hope that my girlfriend doesn’t read this blog or I’m in sick trouble LOL. Were talking aboutPornstars On Webcam, this is not just an event, this is not just a trend, this is not something that is coming staying for a while and then leaving, no way! This is the event of the year may be of the decade, this is what everybody has been waiting for for a very long time, and now that it’s here we have seen that this specific website that has the exclusive, is getting enormous attention, is getting enormous views from all over the world, from all adult detainment lovers and that it is actually offering something that no other website can possibly dream off.


I mean check her out, I did I have already watched her in a Live Porn show, and she is even better live than she is when she makes DVDs, this gorgeous hot woman, no longer a young girl, but a MILF, a hot mom, a professional adult actress is making all her friends and people up barely know her go absolutely bonkers, she did a show last time that lasted two hours, she went through three guys and never stopped the whole time, whoever watched that live show confirm what I just said, I will also say just like I’m saying it was absolutely incredible.

By the way it came to my attention that there is now a CherryPimps.com page on Facebook, and they really haven’t started to advertise it, they really haven’t started to let people know that it already exists. I found out simply by searching for and I noticed that they are preparing it still getting it ready, but they have already posted many adult models, many photographs, accompanied with a short description of each and every model, therefore I clicked like I was the first LOL, it be cool if you guys also went by and did the same and let’s populate that page just like you all populated their official websites with hundreds of thousands of memberships.

Shyla Stylez Fills Prescription For Hard Anal Fucking

Shyla Stylez loves sex, so when she notices that her pussy isn’t getting stimulated like it used to, she rushes over to the Brazzers hospital to consult with Dr. Jordan Ash. He has his big tits patient strip out of her skimpy clothes. He puts on a pair of gloves and pushes his fingers up into her warm hole. He even tries rubbing her clit, but the curvy Canadian pornstar just isn’t feeling it. The good doctor decides it is time for more intense treatment, so he brings out his big dick and plunges it deep up into her tight asshole until she is begging for more.

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Shyla Stylez and Cherrypimps.com what an amazing combo!

Yes it is an absolutely amazing combination. Pornstar Shyla Stylez now on Cherrypimps.com, well actually she has been with them for quite some time now, but it has only been recently that she actually has her own personal profile now, and even if you are not a member you can still access the page and you can see with your own eyes all the past live porn shows that she did and the dates obviously off her shows that are coming up. Not to mention the absolutely stunning digital photographs of her in many different scenes and of course positions that I’m sure all her fans will absolutely love to see.


I was very excited to see that in the three days that I was not checking in to Cherrypimps.com that they have signed another 60 Pornstars of which 22 I know off and therefore all famous, because I don’t know a lot of porn stars I know only the ones that are well-known, that all well loved and therefore it makes perfect sense what I just said and it makes perfect sense what they are doing, they are hiring the most famous and hottest porn stars that are out there today on the Internet and they are bringing them into Cherrypimps.com and having them do live porn for all the close to 2 million members that there are today, that have signed up up-to-date.

If you still have not signed up you are actually missing out, simply because Pornstars Live Shows is something that has never been seen before, it is something that is way above anything else that has been provided to the adult industry to date, this is not just a trend this is a totally different situation, it is a new way to watch and enjoy pornography.

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This is a pic taken while she was doing a live show not too long ago, this actually was taken two weeks back I saw the show it was pretty intense and she had sex with three different guys for nearly 2 hours. Close to two months these Live Pornstar Videos or better still she had just started doing these shows, she is now some sort of a celebrity, in other words she is simply reconfirming herself in the live area of the adult industry and entertainment.

So in other words this blog post is to confirm what I knew was going to happen all the way. There was absolutely no doubt that somebody as hot and sexy like Shyla would not be an extremely great success when making life porn videos. Just to tell you one she has over 150,000 members that have put her on their favorites list and she is the second most popular porn star at this point.

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she is performing very often, while very often for adult model standards she’s on at least once every two, and like I already said her Live Porn Shows are long-lasting from 90 two 120 minutes, and if you consider that you pay just show that would cost you one dollar per hour, that’s what I call a pretty good deal.

So if you are looking for some high quality Live Pornstar shows you’ll know exactly where to find them, not only that you won’t find any sort of life porn star shows anywhere else on the web as they have an exclusive with all these porn stars and these porn stars are over 1000 that are on their payroll, therefore you know where to go now.

Shyla Stylez Looking Great on Live Sex Cam

I have to be honest Pornstar Shyla Stylez would look great even if she was in a hardhat shoveling coal LOL, she is honestly one of my favorite porn stars I have at least a dozen out of the thousands that I know that I consider my favorites and she is one of them, and it is a matter of fact that I did meet her in person and we sat down and spoke for a few minutes in the interviewing room at the last Vegas AVN adult industry show where I was also invited as an editor and along with her I got to meet many other adult models males and females alike, and many other extremely interesting people from the industry itself.
I also met them that have put together hundreds of porn stars and under contract they have them have sex on live WebCam, just like it were a set for a porn video, only that instead all of using video cameras and recording everything, they are using technicians holding WebCams instead and these cams or connected to the Internet and all broadcasting live to websites such as Wildoncam.com and Cherrypimps.com.

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This brand you concept where you will actually see Pornstars having sex while it’s actually happening instead of some chick that you never seen or heard of before, and you have absolutely no guarantee if she can really give you that Boner or not, this is the real thing, this is like sitting in a room while the porn star is actually taking Dick right there in front of you.

Another great concept that I found out about these Live Porn Videos is that you can actually interact with the porn stars while they are taking Dick, you see they have big screens in the studio and on the screens is what members of the websites type in to send the studio, so let’s say you want to say hi to her or you want her to say hi back to you can try out if she reads it she will actually say your name and hi, on the show that I sat in on it was with Ava Devine, and she was asked to take the dildo out of her ass as Dick in her mouth and she did, so the interaction is a pretty fun thing indeed.
Trying to explain it all in one article is a little hard as the service goes a very long way and is a lot more to it than just what I have said before I much to go and check it out is why I have linked it several times in this blog post, simply click on one of the links and get redirected to the main page or the page of interest snoop around until we we think about it.

Shyla Stylez Plays With Her Huge Boobs

It must suck having huge boobs… If we had huge boobs like this, we would strip down into the shower and we should get stuck there playing with our huge boobs

Seems that’s exactly what happened to Shyla Stylez – She started to take a shower, started to play with her huge boobs, and that was where she ended up spending the rest of the day…

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Looks like Shyla Stylez has a glass dildo between here breasts…. That can mean lots and lots of fun in the shower!

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